Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Lyric U Got Me Rockin - Max

* If you want i can take that
   i feel the rhythm go down (yeah!)
   If you want i can take that

   I'm just your girl , decide

Boys and girls, are you doing all right?
Be wanna freakout, have a good time
Ladies come on raise your hands
Show me where are all my fans
Come into the club
i wanna spray champagne
come on let's warm up
do you hear the beat drop!
Dj! put the bass up!

i can't believe my eyes
this club is oversized
let me give you one advice
burn the roof down, no disguise (yeah!)
the themperature is growing
so everybody is going
down... down... dowm... down....

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Shane Redfield

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