Selasa, 06 November 2012

Lyric We Got 2 Know - MAX

Try now this time
To lose control

* Chorus:
Baby I’ve turned on
come on everybody
That was the spirit of free yeah (don’t stop feel)
No one that have a good with me
come on everybody
That was the spirit of free
Baby go away now

All my gangs stripped under a checkers game
On my knees game are quit, I never party
I’m never livin up to choose like you, this is
I named a robot that’s called Rocky
Shut the door to find and you lock me
This keeps sticking in, nobody stop me
And you see that’s why do I want once more

Oh my beats stop when I see her rockin'
Beats locking, the b-boy’s already poppin'
Basedrop show always sounds like a dramatic
Everybody feel it, don’t getting what it for
I get some of you in to loose on the floor
Leave the stress and get happiness in the door
4B with the 4- 4B from your radio, TV screen, and TV show

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